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July 5 Workshop
  • July 5 Workshop
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Scroll down for workshop description. Price is in USD. Please note that if you want to take this workshop, but can't afford it for whatever reason, let me know and I will make it work for you.

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Workshop Description

Playing in the key of G out of D tuning.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how to use D tuning (double C capoed at the 2nd fret) to play tunes and songs in the key of G.

By just changing the 5th string note, (which for most people just means adjusting the 5th string capo), and learning/incorporating some simple chord shapes and right-hand techniques, I’ll show you an accessible (fairly easy)  method that will save you a lot of tuning and instantly give you a unique voice on the banjo. Since delving into this method over the past year or so, it has been a real game-changer for my playing, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Two weeks before the workshop, I will send you some chords to learn. Some may be familiar to you, as they are really just your basic chord shapes for double C tuning. I will also send you a simple song for you to practice changing between the chords, and a right-hand “roll” to practice. If you are able to work on this stuff before the workshop, you will get much more out of the lesson.

In the workshop, we will start with a simple arrangement of a common tune to get you acquainted with the basics of the tuning. I’ll then give you a few minutes to work on it on your own (with the tab for those who want it). I’ll then open it up for questions and we’ll look at the tuning more broadly and see how it can be applied to playing in jam sessions, singing, and performance. Finally, we’ll finish with a more complex tune that will introduce playing up the neck a bit and some of the positions that you’ll need to do that.

After the workshop, I’ll provide a written overview of what we covered, and 5 tunes (including the 2 form the workshop) ranging from what I’d call intermediate to advanced for you to move forward with. You will be given video links for the tunes that I tab, and will have access to the video of the whole workshop on a private page.

If you sign up for the workshop, you will receive an email a few days in advance with a Zoom meeting invite and instructions on how to join the meeting on the day of. This workshop will run at least 1 1/2 hours. It could run a bit longer depending on the number of questions. 


A word about level

I would say this workshop is Intermediate to Advanced. There is a chance that by the end of the workshop a “lower intermediate” player might get left in the dust a bit, but they’ll be provided with all the resources they’ll need to catch up at their own speed in the future.  Generally, I think level is less important in these online workshops as I’m designing them to be more like a course that you’ll work on in the year ahead, revisit, and grow into. One thing I will say about this topic, in particular, is that I wish someone had shown me this early on in my playing.


Can’t make the workshop?

I know this is a holiday weekend in the U.S.A., but it was the only Sunday I could teach in July. Having said that, although I’d love to have you live at the workshop for interaction, apart from being able to text questions, it doesn’t really make much difference if you do the workshop live or at a later date. If you do sign up for the workshop and can’t be there live, You will be sent a link to all the resource material including the video of the workshop. There will be a blog on the resource page for you to ask questions after the workshop date, which I will answer.


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You don't have to take these workshops live, they are archived for you to purchase and participate in any old time! You get access to video of the entire workshop as well as all support material provided. There's even a blog for you to ask questions (although not in real time). Click on the links below to read detailed descriptions and order. 

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