From the recording The Old Man and the C Chord

I struggled for a few weeks to write something concise in regard to what this song is about until I finally decided to listen to the advice I was given in its second verse.


My life is small, but it’s not broken
so I leave my grievances unspoken
and try think about all the little things
that make it feel alright

But then some wayward sentimental feeling
can blow right in and leave me reeling
I’ll be damned if I can tell you where it comes from
then where it even goes

Freewill, luck, and fate
I like to think about them, but I always lose my place
I’m still just trying to get solid on a way to be
I’m leaning hard upon the mystery

I knew a man once who came unfurled
trying to make some sense of this old world
sometimes he’d come down to the bar
and we’d drink after the show

Once he told me
“all those songs you were just singing
all they are is just beginnings
But, the verses and that chorus
that’s no guarantee for what’ll happen in the end”

I’m still here thinking about what he said
It seemed so pure and heaven sent
but I guess he was just trying to share with me
his point of view upon the mystery
Sometimes I wake up only to find
I’m unsure on my feet and in my mind
and the song that I was singing
it’s not the same song I was singing yesterday

I’ve got no secret I can tell you brother
except lay one foot down in front of the other
and try to think about all those little things
that make it feel alright

‘Cause, Yesterday it all made sense
now it beats me where all that sense went
on one hand I’m content to just let it be
but on the other hand I’m sitting high up
on the mystery

The view is pretty, but it’s sure not plain to see
I’m leaning hard upon the mystery