1. My Name is Lie

From the recording The Old Man and the C Chord

This song is a meditation on the post-truth era we seem so hopelessly mired down in. It's sung from the perspective of the lie itself. I was inspired by the Dock Boggs song “A Conversation with Death" or "Oh Death" where death is given a voice. So, if a lie could talk, this is what I imagine it might be saying in today's world.


My name is Lie,
and they say that I
come from some far distant shore
I started out as sin
but now they let me in
they don’t call me a lie any more
don’t call me Lie no more

There was a time
I used to be a crime
said I was the tongue of the devil
but, I got a hold of truth
ripped it free from proof
until it seemed
like I was right there on the level
right there on the level

Now I live here,
with my mistress Fear
we spend our days
just blurring up the view
I don’t know when
they’re gonna put me in my hole again
but until then
I know just what to do

In the days of old,
I used to move slow
Carried by a whisper and a wink
The low road I’d take,
moving like a snake
Had to take my time
to get into the thoughts you think
into the thought you think

Oh, how I did feel,
when you made the deal
and put it there for all the world to see
you made a thousand friends
but every one got sent
a siren song
that led them right to me
Led them right to me