"First things first, this is among the very best instructional DVDs I've seen" 
Banjo Newsletter

"If you have any interest at all in learning clawhammer banjo, you need this DVD. Highly Recommended!" 
Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

Through a series of exercises and well-chosen traditional tunes, Chris takes an approach which allows the student, through the building of a musical vocabulary, to learn to speak "the language of music". To this end, Chris demonstrates the three main right-hand techniques that define the style, ensuring that the student develops the all-important skills of tone, speed and timing. Right-hand techniques demonstrated include: the Basic Strum, Double-thumbing and Drop-thumbing as well as the Roll. This is indispensable information for true beginners, as well as more advanced players looking to hone their technique.

Chris demonstrates the above techniques with the following classic tunes:

Black-Eyed Susie (G Tuning), The Barlow Knife (G Tuning), Shady Grove (G Modal Tuning), Salt River (G Modal Tuning), Old Molly Hare Double (C Tuning)

Some of these tunes are taught more than once in order to show how multiple right -hand techniques can be incorporated into your playing on any tune.