Duo with Arnie Naiman

I was lucky enough to meet Arnie Naiman when I was about 19 years old. We would get together and play banjo and fiddle for hours (me on banjo, Arnie on fiddle). Often at the end of the night, Arnie would pull out his banjo, and a guitar and we'd back each other up on tunes we'd written or learned. After a while, we realized that we were playing more guitar/banjo, and banjo duets than anything else. This led to our first album "Five Strings Attached with No Backing" which was released in 1997. At that time banjos (especially clawhammer) weren't as common as they seem to be now, and a recording of a simple banjo backed up by guitar was a bit of a novelty. In any case, folks seemed to like it, we did another one (Vol. 2) in 2000, to this day I get emails from people all around the world that still like those albums. That makes us feel good, cause we still like them too! 

Me and Arnie don't play a whole lot together these days, but we still do a few shows every year. Hopefully, more in the future!