On June 7 Lonesome Ace will be releasing our cover of The Band's 1971 hit “Stage Fright”…it will be up on all the streaming services! 



I'll be teaching at four camps this summer. They are Old School Bluegrass Camp (Ontario, July 3-7), Ossipee String Camp (Maine, July 21-25), Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party (Saskatchewan, August 12-16), Sweetgrass Music Camp (Montana, September 18-22). I hope to see you at one of them! 


I'm very excited to announce the release of the 6th Lonesome Ace album! “Try to Make it Fly” is our first all-original release and features twelve new songs and tunes. 

We've, thus far, released four singles from the album - Crossing the Junction/Deer River, Smoke on the Shoulder, Sweeter Sound, and Praying for Rain. If you haven't heard them or seen the videos yet, click here to get up to speed. 

You can check out the album right here! 


Me and Showman kept pretty darn busy through the COVID-times. We actually collaborated on three albums - “Much Further Out Than Inevitable” (a John Hartford tribute), “Afield” (fiddle and banjo duets), and “Adeline” (weird old-time jam band madness).  I also put out a solo album of original songs entitled “The Old Man and the C Chord”. If you haven't checked them out already, you can do so here! 





John Hartford's Windows Revealed!

When we recorded the Adeline album, we wrote in the liner notes that we had loosely followed John Hartford's "Windows" method of backing up fiddle music. It seemed like lots of folks didn't know what we were talking about, so when a British publication called "The Old-Time News" asked me to write an article to explain it a little bit, I was happy to get the chance. 

I was lucky enough to get to talk to my friend Bob Carlin a bit about his time with John and even got permission to use some of John's own words to help explain. If you'd like to read it, click here. 

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Date Event Location
 —  — The Ossippi Valley Music Festival (with Lonesome Ace) Hiram ME Hiram ME
The Word Barn (with Lonesome Ace) Exeter, NH Exeter, NH
Club Passim (with Lonesome Ace) Cambridge, MA Cambridge, MA
Watermellon Wednesdays (with Lonesome Ace) Whatley, MA Whatley, MA
CranFest in the Courtyard (Lonesome Ace) HARWICH CULTURAL CENTER, Harwich, MA HARWICH CULTURAL CENTER, Harwich, MA
 —  — Live From the Rock Festival (Lonesome Ace) Red Rock, ON Red Rock, ON
 —  — Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party kenosee Lake, SK kenosee Lake, SK
Swallow Hill Music - Showman and Coole Denver, CO Denver, CO
Little Schoolhouse Concert Series (Showman and Coole) Salina. CO Salina. CO
Steve's Guitars (Showman and Coole) Carbondale, CO Carbondale, CO
Bross Hotel (Showman and Coole) Paonia, CO Paonia, CO
Jimmy’s Music & Supply (Showman and Coole) Durango, Co Durango, Co
Showman and Coole in Salida, CO Salida, Co Salida, Co