I'm so excited to let you know that my 3rd solo album "The Old Man and the C Chord" is out. It is streaming on all the services. You can purchase the digital download or an actual CD (or just read about the album) by clicking right here! 

  I've also released a tribute to John Hartford which John Showman and myself recorded last summer.  The album is called "Much Further Out Than Inevitable" and features twelve of our favorite Hartford songs and fiddle tune played in our signature banjo/fiddle style. It is also streaming away, or you can download it here.

We are doing an honest-to-god CD release show in Toronto on November 30, where we'll perform both albums. We hope you can make it out if you're in the area! There are details in my shows page.

You Love Banjos, You Love Dogs, You Wear Shirts...

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New Fiddle and Banjo Album - "AFIELD" - It's alive!

I'm very excited about this new album. If you're a fan of the sound of just the "fiddle and the five-string", you're gonna like this a whole lot!

I'm actually playing my 6-string banjo "Low Boy" on this album as I am the five-string (to be clear, I mean a banjo with an extra bass string, not a guitar-banjo). I'm also playing a whacky, low-down, octave banjo I call "Lower Boy". 

Click here to read read, watch, listen, download, or order!

New Lonesome Ace Album is Streaming!

Way back in in the "before times" LAS played a great show at The Anza Club in Vancouver, BC. Lucky for us, we recorded the show with both high-quality audio and video. We were so happy with the result that we've mixed and mastered the whole thing. You can order a download from our website, or listen on your favorite streaming service. 

Adeline - The Album

I guess this was my "Covid Album". I'm so happy it was! Click the image to watch a short video about the project. 

"ADELINE Brings together five musicians from four of today’s most beloved bands in old-time, bluegrass, and folk music. Adrian Gross on mandolin (The Slocan Ramblers),  Mark Kilianski on guitar (Golden Shoals), Sam Allison on upright bass and bass harmonica (Sheesham and Lotus), John Showman on fiddle, and Chris Coole on the banjo (The Lonesome Ace Stringband). Captured at a 3-day recorded jam in the winter of 2021, the group play a selection of 15 old-time fiddle tunes with an overwhelming feeling of freedom and joy.


John Hartford's Windows Revealed!

When we recorded the Adeline album, we wrote in the liner notes that we had loosely followed John Hartford's "Windows" method of backing up fiddle music. It seemed like lots of folks didn't know what we were talking about, so when a British publication called "The Old-Time News" asked me to write an article to explain it a little bit, I was happy to get the chance. 

I was lucky enough to get to talk to my friend Bob Carlin a bit about his time with John and even got permission to use some of John's own words to help explain. If you'd like to read it, click here. 

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