The David Francey Band

I first met David Francey back in around 1999. He'd just put out his first album and I played banjo, guitar and electric bass (!) at  a few of his gigs. I didn't see much of him for quite a few years while he went on to win awards and fans around the world. In around 2009 he called me somewhat out of the blue and asked if I'd do a tour with him. We've been playing together ever since. David is one of the best songwriters in the world. His songs strike a chord with people of all walks of life, and they will be around for a long time I think. David tours all the time with my good friend Mark Westberg, when logistics allow, I join them and we're a trio. Sometimes, when the stars align, we add Daren McMullen on mando-things, and we're a quartet. For more information on David's music, check out his website at