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Getting High – Chord-Based Strategies for playing up the neck in G and Double C tuning.

Workshop Description

One of the most common requests that I get at workshops is to shed some light on playing in the upper portion of the fretboard. For many of us, getting beyond the fifth fret is like going into some foreign land where we don’t know the language and we have no map. But, don’t worry, It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this workshop, I hope to de-mystify playing up the neck in both G and Double C tuning. My approach to this has always been chord-based. By using some common chord shapes as “anchor” and “take-off” points I’ll show you how to replicate first position phrases up the neck and up the octave.

We will revisit some concepts we looked at in some of my previous workshops, especially “What to Leave in and What to Take Out”. In that workshop, we looked at listening “through” the melody in order to not get trapped by trying to play melody notes that aren’t essential, or that may be impractical to the style, or your level of playing. I consider the ability to re-phrase and interpret melodic lines without losing the heart of the melody to be an advanced skill that many intermediate players struggle with, and one that is very important when it comes to playing up the neck.

We will work with a couple of common tunes, which I will send you 2 weeks before the workshop. The arrangements will be in the first position, and then during the workshop, we’ll look at some strategies I might use to arrange the same tunes up the neck. I will also send you a few chords to learn in both tunings (many of you will already be familiar with these). I will leave you with 3 more arrangements to work on after the workshop, so you will end up with five tunes. My hope is that if you learn these tunes, you’ll have everything you’ll need to start playing just about anything you want up neck, and before you know it, the other half of the banjo won’t seem like a foreign land!

This workshop will take place live over Zoom on October 3 at 2pm Eastern Time. It will be between 1.5-2 hours long. If you're busy on the day of the workshop, you can take it in re-run form after the fact. I will send you a link to the video both the workshop as well as demo videos for the tunes and tablature. 


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